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Our particular specialism and expertise is representing parents where there is a legal dispute about the care of a child. Our solicitors are members of the Law Society children panel which means that they have particular experience in representing children or family members in court proceedings which will determine where a child shall live, with whom the child shall have contact or even whether a child is placed into foster care.

Where a child is of sufficient maturity and understanding, we may be able to represent the child themselves so that they have a voice to explain to the court what they would like to happen and how they feel about the court process and its impact upon their life.

We have experience of helping children make applications in the High Court for contact with a brother or sister whom they no longer see whether they are living with a family member or are in foster care.

If a young person wishes to leave the care of the local authority, we can advise on an application to discharge the care order or give advice about the local authority's responsibility to young people leaving care.

We have extensive experience of representing children who are subject to a secure accommodation application as a consequence of the risk they may pose to themselves or others.

A large proportion of our work involves taking instructions from a Children’s Guardian. We have handled many complex cases involving serious non-accidental injury to a child, child death, international issues and disability. As a consequence of our considerable experience we have established relationships with eminent medical experts.

We have experience in all other child law areas listed below:

Child Arrangements

When parents separate (married, unmarried or same sex), consideration needs to be given to the arrangements for any children such as where and with whom they are going to live, whether they need to change school and how often they will see the other parent. These arrangements should be agreed between the parents wherever possible.

Special Guardianship Order

This order aims to provide a permanent placement for children with members of their extended family and is granted in circumstances where the child is not able to be cared for by their birth parents.

Grandparents Rights

Grandparents often play a significant role in the life of a child, especially when they are helping out with childcare while parents are at work or in times of crisis. Following divorce or separation these arrangements will almost inevitably change.

Child Abduction

Child abduction is a serious, but sometimes misunderstood, area of family law. Most people think it involves a stranger kidnapping a child. However, a mother taking her own child abroad for a short period of time and without the consent of the father, may actually be guilty of child abduction in the eyes of the family court.

Social Services Intervention

When social services become involved with your family it can be a very traumatic and confusing time. We have an established reputation and years of experience in representing parents, grandparents and children that are going through this process. We can help you throughout the process by attending meetings and representing you at court.


Whether you are a person wishing to adopt a child or the parent of a child being placed for adoption, we can help you through the process that will inevitably change your life and the lives of your children.

Female Genital Mutilation

The practice of Female Genital Mutilation was made illegal in the United Kingdom in 1985. Despite this, the abominable practice continues to the present day, with the first FGM Protection Order only being issued in July 2015. We all need to speak up about this act and protect those who are vulnerable from being harmed.

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I am so very grateful for Liz’s help. If it wasn’t for her, my little boy would have been adopted and that would have messed up the rest of my life. My new little daughter wouldn’t be with me and I really think I wouldn’t be here too. She is amazing. Not only did she save my kids life but mine too. Liz does more than what her job actually is, a lot more. She gave me a kick up the arse when I needed it. Put me straight and told me what I needed to do to change. She was like the beginning of my new life.

Chantel, Chesterfield

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Was really grateful for the support you gave me, you are the best solicitors EVER!! and I have already recommended you to friends in a similar situation.

Marie, Grimsby