Children and Social Services

When social services become involved with your family it can be a very traumatic and confusing time. We have an established reputation and years of experience in representing parents, grandparents and children that are going through this process.

If you have been invited to attend a meeting with social services or notified that you must attend court, it is vital that you contact us immediately to obtain legal advice and arrange representation.

Our experienced team will be able to talk you through the process, advise you of your rights, and arrange for one of our team to attend any meetings and to arrange for you to be represented at court.

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    Social Services can become involved with a family for many reasons

    • We have helped families where Social Services have been concerned about drug or alcohol issues.
    • We have represented many parents who have learning difficulties or mental health problems.
    • We have also represented family members when a child has sustained a non-accidental injury or where there is a concern about sexual abuse.

    We will always listen to what our clients say and give advice about how they can provide the best possible evidence to the court.

    We can help you if you are

    A parent
    A parent
    A relative
    A relative
    A child
    A child

    All parents and many other family members may be entitled to legal aid. Please ask for further information on this when you call.

    We can help you with

    Care Proceedings

    If the Local Authority are worried about a Child’s welfare they can start “Care Proceedings”.

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    Child Adoption

    Whether you are a person wishing to adopt or the parent of a child being placed for adoption, we can help you through this difficult process.

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    Child Abduction

    Child abduction is a serious, but sometimes misunderstood, area of family law.

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    Child Protection

    If the Local Authority, Police, or other professionals think your child may be at risk of significant harm they could take action.

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    What our clients say

    Gill Noury is an excellent International Family Law Senior Legal Advisor. As my international child abduction case progressed in 2014 to a fortunate consent order after 5 months of intense legal battle I realized she was highly experienced and hands on. She not only provided me very good legal advice, but was also very sympathetic to my distraught situation. She was accessible all the times I needed to communicate with her or needed her personal support. She was at the same time very professional and demonstrated high integrity and human values. I found these attributes scarce in UK’s legal practitioner.

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    We run a legal surgery here at our advice and drop in centre specifically for our clients who have experienced domestic abuse. A&N have been a constant support to this surgery over the year providing an invaluable service, they have been committed to the provision of legal aid advice and pro bono clinics and as such have enhanced the service provision which we are able to offer to our clients.

    Strategic Head of Service
    Derbyshire Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Service

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    Helen was absolutely fantastic, the case was long and difficult but Helen was there for me when I needed her on the telephone and at court. She didn’t beat about the bush and gave me constructive criticism which I appreciated. My kids are now safely home with me where they belong and they love the teddies you sent for them. It was a really lovely thought, Thank you for everything.

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    Liz Newbold & Her team were great from the very first phone call to the final court date, they did nothing but help whether it was a phone call or an email they got back to you as soon as they could. They were there for support when you needed it the most and they always put there all into every court date we had. I couldn’t have asked for a better solicitors to handle my case regarding my child. It was great to finally get victory and show we were not guilty, we couldn’t have achieved what we have done today without the help of Liz Newbold and her team of highly specialised solicitors and I am forever thankful for everything they have done for me and my family.

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    I’ve been working with A&N Care Solicitors since I was in PLO. I was in an OK place, then an incident occurred in July 2014 which resulted in the local authority taking away my child in to care. She went up for adoption last year in March but I kept fighting with the help of A&N care solicitors and did all that was asked. I fell pregnant and thought I couldn’t keep it, but nope, my solicitors and I kept fighting and I’ve had my daughter return from birth home. It’s resulted in my older daughter coming home too and not being adopted. I really have to say though without the help of Natalie and Ruth from A&N Care I wouldn’t be where I am today. I would recommend these to anybody if you are fighting for your children. Thank you very much A&N you are the best family law firm I’ve ever known.

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